Best Premium Casual Restaurants in Argentina

Fayer Buenos Aires

$$$ Av. Cerviño 4417, , Buenos Aires
Middle Eastern Casual Dining Ethnic Premium Casual
FAYER Buenos Aires is a symbolic culinary destination where Argentine cuisine's fiery passion meets Middle Eastern gastronomy's bold flavours. This innovative restaurant, nestled in the heart of Buenos Aires, has quickly garnered acclaim for its unique fusion concept, offering diners an extraordinary gastronomic journey that bridges continents and cultures. Upon entering FAYER, guests are greeted by a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the dynamic fusion at the heart of the restaurant's philosophy. The interior design blends modern aesthetics with traditional elements, creating a stylish and welcoming space. The open kitchen, a central dining area feature, invites diners to witness the culinary magic firsthand as chefs masterfully prepare dishes over open flames and traditional charcoal grills. The menu at FAYER celebrates flavours, textures, and aromas that pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of Argentina and the Middle East. Signature dishes include expertly grilled meats that honour Argentina's renowned asado tradition, elevated with exotic spices and herbs that evoke the vibrant markets of the Middle East.

Casa SaltShaker

$$$$ Pres. J.E. Uriburu 1500 Block Between Pena & Pacheco De Melo, 1114, Buenos Aires
Peruvian Premium Casual
Casa SaltShaker offers a unique social and dining experience, sharing a table with other guests in our home. The setting is casual and the conversation lively. Their food is eclectic global cuisine, tending to be heavily influenced by the spicier cuisines of Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Although not vegetarian, our focus is on fresh vegetables and fruits of the season as the key elements of each dish. They do tend to work with a lot of seafood, and at least one course will be fish and/or shellfish. It’s all about meeting new friends over good food and wine. For more than a decade, a truly don’t-miss experience for both travelers and locals! Casa SaltShaker is located in Buenos Aires.

Casa Coupage

$$$$ Francisco Acuña De Figueroa 1786, C1180ABH, Palermo, Buenos Aires
International Premium Casual
The proposal is a complete sensory experience, a tasting of 7 wines from different regions of Argentina, harmonized with a selection of dishes with different flavors and textures, a seasonality menu and product passages. It is a playful moment in which each person learns to recognize their palate through their own subjective experience. We have deep pride and respect for Argentine wine and cuisine. We created Casa Coupage driven by the sincere desire to contribute to the construction of the identity of our country's cuisine. Casa Coupage is located in Buenos Aires.

Crizia Restaurant Grill Bar

$$$ Fitz Roy 1819, C1414 CABA, Buenos Aires
Argentinean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Crizia Restaurant Grill Bar stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nestled within the bustling streets of the iconic Palermo Soho neighbourhood, this sophisticated establishment invites guests on a gastronomic journey that blends the rich flavours of Argentine cuisine with international culinary techniques. Crizia is renowned for its exceptional grill and bar, offering a contemporary dining experience that pays homage to the country's passion for high-quality meats and innovative mixology. Upon entering Crizia, diners are welcomed into an elegantly designed space that combines modern aesthetics with classic comfort. The restaurant's interior exudes warmth and sophistication, featuring sleek furnishings, ambient lighting, and an open kitchen that allows guests to witness the culinary artistry firsthand. The atmosphere is further enhanced by a curated selection of music that complements the dining experience, making Crizia an ideal destination for intimate dinners and lively gatherings.

La Cabrera Buenos Aires

$$$ José A. Cabrera 5127, C1414BGQ CABA, Buenos Aires
Argentinean South American Premium Casual
La Cabrera, nestled in the vibrant heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires, is an iconic steakhouse synonymous with Argentina's world-renowned beef and asado culture. Esteemed among locals and international visitors alike, this restaurant has earned its reputation as one of the city's culinary landmarks, offering an unforgettable dining experience that epitomizes the Argentine passion for meat. Upon entering La Cabrera, guests are immediately struck by this beloved establishment's lively and warm atmosphere. The interior exudes rustic charm, with walls adorned with vintage memorabilia and photographs that pay homage to the rich history of Argentine ranching. The bustling open kitchen further enhances the ambience, where the sights and smells of expertly grilled meats entice the senses. At the heart of La Cabrera's menu is a selection of premium cuts of beef sourced from the finest Argentine pampas and grilled to perfection on a traditional parrilla. The restaurant's signature dishes include succulent rib-eyes, tenderloins, and flank steaks, each served with a generous array of side dishes that celebrate the flavours of Argentina. From classic chimichurri and salsa criolla to inventive salads and roasted vegetables, the accompaniments are as much a part of the dining experience as the meat itself.


$$$$ Mariscal Antonio José De Sucre 676, C1428 DUB, Buenos Aires
International Argentinean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Sucre Restaurant in Buenos Aires is a contemporary culinary haven at the forefront of the city's vibrant dining scene. Situated in the chic neighbourhood of Belgrano, Sucre offers an innovative fusion of South American flavours with international cuisine, making it a standout destination for food enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated and modern dining experience. Upon entering Sucre, guests are greeted by an elegantly designed space that exudes modernity and style. The restaurant's interior boasts a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, with an open kitchen that allows diners to witness the magic of culinary creation firsthand. Ambient lighting and a curated selection of music enhance the ambience, setting the stage for an unforgettable gastronomic journey. A commitment to creativity and excellence is at the core of Sucre's menu. The kitchen, led by a team of talented chefs, crafts dishes that are both visually stunning and bursting with flavour. Utilizing the freshest local ingredients, the menu offers diverse options that reflect a seamless blend of traditional South American cooking techniques with global influences. Highlights include succulent meats grilled to perfection, fresh seafood delicacies, and inventive vegetarian dishes, each presented with artistic flair.

Restaurante Puerto Cristal

$$$$ Av. Alicia Moreau De Justo 1082, C1107AAT CABA, Buenos Aires
Mediterranean Argentinean Premium Casual
Restaurante Puerto Cristal, elegantly perched in the bustling Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a distinguished dining establishment known for its impeccable seafood and refined ambience. Offering panoramic views of the serene docks and the glittering cityscape, Puerto Cristal provides a luxurious escape where guests can indulge in the exquisite flavours of the sea, complemented by a sophisticated wine selection, in one of the city's most sought-after locations. The moment guests step into Restaurante Puerto Cristal, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance and tranquillity. The interior design harmonizes classic refinement with contemporary touches, featuring plush seating, tasteful lighting, and expansive windows that frame the captivating views of PuertoMadero's waterfront. At the heart of PuertoCristal'ss culinary offerings is a dedication to the freshest seafood sourced daily to ensure the highest quality. The menu is a tribute to Argentine and international seafood cuisine, presenting a range of meticulously prepared dishes highlighting the natural flavours and textures of the ocean's bounty. Signature dishes include traditional Argentine seafood recipes, innovative sushi and ceviche selections, and premium shellfish and fish options, each showcasing the kitchen's artistry and commitment to culinary excellence.

El Mirasol De La Recova

$$$ Posadas 1032, C1128 CABA, Buenos Aires
Argentinean Premium Casual
El Mirasol de La Recova, nestled in the upscale neighbourhood of Recoleta in Buenos Aires, is an esteemed restaurant that epitomizes the best Argentine steakhouse tradition. Renowned for its exceptional quality of meats and classic Argentine grilling techniques, El Mirasol offers a culinary experience deeply rooted in the country's rich gastronomic culture. This distinguished establishment in the charming La Recova area is a favourite among locals and visitors seeking to indulge in the ultimate Argentine asado experience. El Mirasol de La Recova's ambience is elegant and welcoming, capturing the essence of a traditional Argentine steakhouse with a touch of modern sophistication. The interior boasts a refined décor with comfortable seating, warm lighting, and rustic touches that pay homage to Argentina's rural heritage. At the core of El Mirasol's menu is an unparalleled selection of meats, ranging from tender ribeyes and juicy sirloins to succulent lamb and flavorful sausages. Each cut is carefully selected and perfectly grilled over a charcoal fire, ensuring a rich, smoky, quintessentially Argentine flavour. The menu also features a variety of classic dishes, including empanadas, provolone cheese, and an array of traditional sides like mashed potatoes, mixed salads, and grilled vegetables, all prepared with the same attention to quality and taste.

El Mercado

$$$$ Calle Martha Salotti 445, , Buenos Aires
International Casual Dining Premium Casual
El Mercado blends the energy of Buenos Aires' legendary cantinas with the charm of Europe's open-air markets. This warm, intimate space features the best of Argentinian cuisine in Buenos Aires. Basking in the heat from the mud-brick oven, enjoy delicious traditional Argentinian dishes, prepared with natural ingredients and seasonal fruits. The open-pit barbecue is a true legend and the best way to enjoy traditional asado.

Fogón Asado

$$$$ Calle Uriarte 1423, C1414DAM, Buenos Aires
International Casual Dining Premium Casual
Discover the tradition of the Asado served with a twist. We have created an 8 course tasting menu that explores new ways of serving Argentine classic cuts of meat. While sitting in our bar, you will see and experience different cooking techniques on the grill in a close and personal way. Our goal is to create a memorable evening for each guest, beyond the usual expectations of a steakhouse. Fogón Asado is located in Buenos Aires.



$$$$ Avenida Costanera 179, B7104AAB, Costa del Este
Spanish International Fast Casual Premium Casual
Noi restaurant - "Cocina de Playa" offers a mixed menu based on Argentine and Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can enjoy a hearty monkfish, a well done sandwich and a surprising pizza. Come to Noi Restaurante and take a break to taste a delicate brownies, homemade jams or tasty ice creams. Noi Restaurant is located in Costa del Este.

Fabric Sushi - Cariló

$$$$ Castaño 274 Entre Boyero Y Calandria Paseo Ernestina, B7167, Cariló
Japanese Casual Dining Premium Casual
Fabric Sushi offers the restaurant, and the Delivery & Take Away. We provide 100% of our know-how so that your project can show high performance in the short term. We have a highly field-experienced team, as well as a special training, supervision and consultancy method in order to offer the franchisee the tranquillity, order and security necessary for a successful start. Fabric Sushi is located in Cariló.

Parliamo Pizza

$$$$ Benteveo Y Castaño, B7167, Cariló
Italian Casual Dining Premium Casual
The Italian tradition of love and passion for flavors. We are the authentic Italian flavor, we are pure LOVE FOR PIZZA. "PARLIAMO" was born from the need to create under the same roof, our passion for Italian cuisine combined with a tireless spirit of customer service, we try that those who visit us think only of returning. We only use ingredients selected from the best local suppliers. Final score; a thin and elastic pizza with soft and crunchy edges. Parliamo Pizza is located in Cariló.

Via Vittoria

$$$$ Avenida Divisadero 1460, B7169BJO, Cariló
Italian International Premium Casual
Since 1993, Via Vittoria represents the "Italian regional cuisine" where color, taste and scent are combined together. Quality and excellence was a priority from the beginning for the Peinado family, continued by Dimitri Dimou, thus reaching a perfect place to have a pleasant evening. Via Vittoria restaurant is located in Cariló.

Parrilla La Pulpería

$$$$ Av Divisadero 1490, B7167, Cariló
International Premium Casual
We are Parrilla La Pulpería, a prominent restaurant in the city of Cariló, we have a large team of professionals in charge of delivering the best-personalized attention. In addition, we have perfectly provided skills for the comfort of all our clients.


$$$$ Avellano Y Boyero, , Cariló
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Family Style
Paxapoga is a meeting and meeting space. We want to remember the "old" family reunions. Even if it is a couple or a large group, you will feel accompanied. Paxapoga is located in Cariló. This restaurant offers Mediterranean and Argentinean dishes, but also vegetarian and gluten free options.

Ave Cocina De Autor

$$$$ Calle Laurel 63 Esquina Avutarda, B7169CBA, Cariló
Spanish Indian Casual Dining Premium Casual
AVE is the Latin word used by the Romans as a greeting and welcome. It means "feel good". In our restaurant, located on the first floor of the Apart Hotel Ville Saint Germain in Cariló, you will find a wide variety of dishes in our à la carte service. You will be able to savor our homemade pasta, fish, meat, poultry, soups, salads, delicious desserts and options of Indian cuisine, specialties of our chef Leo Clavijo.


$$$$ Balneario Hemingway, 7167, Cariló
Japanese Premium Casual
SushiClub stands for first-class gastronomy. Recognized as an absolute reference point for sushi and Asian cuisine in Cariló, we can get pleasure and sensuality in every encounter, thanks to avant-garde and exclusive combinations of flavors. Our mission: to offer our clients creative and high quality sushi, innovative and vibrant cuisine, in an avant-garde and relaxed environment, through an anticipated and professional service for a unique experience.
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