Best International Restaurants in Argentina


$$$$ Calle Darwin 62, C1414CUB, Buenos Aires
International Fine dining Casual Dining
Warnes is the best restaurant in Buenos Aires for its quality of food, its atmosphere, its people and the excellence of its food. Enjoy Argentine cuisine at this restaurant. The cooks here prepare mouthwatering duck, lamb and fish.

Casa Coupage

$$$$ Francisco Acuña De Figueroa 1786, C1180ABH, Palermo, Buenos Aires
International Premium Casual
The proposal is a complete sensory experience, a tasting of 7 wines from different regions of Argentina, harmonized with a selection of dishes with different flavors and textures, a seasonality menu and product passages. It is a playful moment in which each person learns to recognize their palate through their own subjective experience. We have deep pride and respect for Argentine wine and cuisine. We created Casa Coupage driven by the sincere desire to contribute to the construction of the identity of our country's cuisine. Casa Coupage is located in Buenos Aires.


$$$$ Virrey Avilés 3216, C1426, Buenos Aires
Italian International Casual Dining
ANAFE was born from the desire to go and eat in a place where you can eat deliciously, drink good wine and have fun. Our cuisine is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We use Asian techniques for Italian dishes, Middle Eastern flavors for French preparations and so on. We are inspired by our heritage, our travels, our country and all the countries of the world. Anafe restaurant is located in Buenos Aires.


$$$$ Jorge Luis Borges 1757, C1414 DGC, Buenos Aires
International Casual Dining
Cabernet restaurant is located in Buenos Aires. A selected menu of fish, meat, pasta and risotto accompanied by the best Argentine wines. Our refrigerated cellar has more than 100 labels to perfectly match the chosen dish. Cabernet has a relaxing atmosphere, where the different spaces together with the delicacies are part of a wonderful experience.

Red Resto & Lounge

$$$$ Juana Manso 1691, C1107 CABA, Buenos Aires
International European Mediterranean Argentinean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Red Resto & Lounge, located in the pulsating heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, offers a dining experience as vibrant and dynamic as the city itself. Situated in the fashionable district, this restaurant and lounge stands out for its innovative approach to Argentine cuisine. It blends traditional flavours with modern culinary techniques to create visually stunning and deliciously satisfying dishes. Red Resto & Lounge is not just a place to dine; it's a destination that captures Buenos Aires' cosmopolitan spirit. The menu at Red Resto & Lounge celebrates Argentina's rich culinary heritage, focusing on premium meats and fresh, local produce. The restaurant takes pride in its selection of steaks, grilled to perfection and served with a variety of house-made sauces and sides that complement the flavours of the meat. Beyond the grill, the menu features an array of inventive appetizers, salads, and main courses that showcase the creativity of the kitchen team. Seafood dishes, pasta, and vegetarian options are also available, ensuring that something satisfies every diner's preference.


$$$$ Costa Rica 6038, , Buenos Aires
International Casual Dining Fast Casual
Sacro is a unique plant based restaurant. Plates are all plant based and highly cared and prepared Sacro offers gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. This restaurant is located in Palermo, Buenos Aires.


$$$$ Mariscal Antonio José De Sucre 676, C1428 DUB, Buenos Aires
International Argentinean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Sucre Restaurant in Buenos Aires is a contemporary culinary haven at the forefront of the city's vibrant dining scene. Situated in the chic neighbourhood of Belgrano, Sucre offers an innovative fusion of South American flavours with international cuisine, making it a standout destination for food enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated and modern dining experience. Upon entering Sucre, guests are greeted by an elegantly designed space that exudes modernity and style. The restaurant's interior boasts a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, with an open kitchen that allows diners to witness the magic of culinary creation firsthand. Ambient lighting and a curated selection of music enhance the ambience, setting the stage for an unforgettable gastronomic journey. A commitment to creativity and excellence is at the core of Sucre's menu. The kitchen, led by a team of talented chefs, crafts dishes that are both visually stunning and bursting with flavour. Utilizing the freshest local ingredients, the menu offers diverse options that reflect a seamless blend of traditional South American cooking techniques with global influences. Highlights include succulent meats grilled to perfection, fresh seafood delicacies, and inventive vegetarian dishes, each presented with artistic flair.

Trade Sky Bar

$$$$ Av. Corrientes 222 Piso 19, C1043 CABA, Buenos Aires
International Asian Argentinean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Trade Sky Bar, perched atop one of Buenos Aires' towering skyscrapers, offers a dining and social experience that transcends the ordinary. Situated in the bustling financial district, this rooftop bar and restaurant combines breathtaking panoramic city views with a sophisticated ambience, innovative cuisine, and an extensive selection of drinks. It's a destination where the vibrant energy of Buenos Aires meets the tranquillity of the sky, making Trade Sky Bar a must-visit for both locals and travellers seeking an unparalleled evening out. Upon arriving at Trade Sky Bar, guests are whisked away to the top floor, where they step into a space that is both modern and inviting. The design seamlessly integrates indoor luxury with the allure of an open-air terrace, offering the perfect setting for any occasion — from romantic evenings and casual social gatherings to corporate events. The menu at Trade Sky Bar celebrates international flavours, focusing on creative and contemporary dishes that cater to a diverse palate. The culinary team, led by acclaimed chefs, crafts each dish with precision and flair, utilizing fresh, high-quality ingredients to create a memorable dining experience. The menu is designed to impress and satisfy, from gourmet small plates and artisanal pizzas to sophisticated main courses and decadent desserts.


$$$$ Calle Alicia Moreau De Justo 1160, C1107AAX, Buenos Aires
International Fine dining
A state where nothing is fortuitous but instead is the conscious result of a creator who understands that order cannot exist without a bit of chaos: someone who knows that gastronomy, like all arts, needs to evolve and mature. Situated on Puerto Madero's touristy restaurant strip, Chila stands out from the rest for its innovative tasting menu. This is fine dining with an Argentine point of view.

El Mercado

$$$$ Calle Martha Salotti 445, , Buenos Aires
International Casual Dining Premium Casual
El Mercado blends the energy of Buenos Aires' legendary cantinas with the charm of Europe's open-air markets. This warm, intimate space features the best of Argentinian cuisine in Buenos Aires. Basking in the heat from the mud-brick oven, enjoy delicious traditional Argentinian dishes, prepared with natural ingredients and seasonal fruits. The open-pit barbecue is a true legend and the best way to enjoy traditional asado.

Fogón Asado

$$$$ Calle Uriarte 1423, C1414DAM, Buenos Aires
International Casual Dining Premium Casual
Discover the tradition of the Asado served with a twist. We have created an 8 course tasting menu that explores new ways of serving Argentine classic cuts of meat. While sitting in our bar, you will see and experience different cooking techniques on the grill in a close and personal way. Our goal is to create a memorable evening for each guest, beyond the usual expectations of a steakhouse. Fogón Asado is located in Buenos Aires.



$$$$ Avenida Costanera 179, B7104AAB, Costa del Este
Spanish International Fast Casual Premium Casual
Noi restaurant - "Cocina de Playa" offers a mixed menu based on Argentine and Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can enjoy a hearty monkfish, a well done sandwich and a surprising pizza. Come to Noi Restaurante and take a break to taste a delicate brownies, homemade jams or tasty ice creams. Noi Restaurant is located in Costa del Este.

Pasta Nostra Ristorante

$$$$ Avenida Tomas Espora 562, B7166BKS, Valeria del Mar
Italian International Fast Casual Family Style
Pasta Nostra Ristorante offers typical Italian and South American specialties. It offers suitable dishes for celiacs (gluten free), vegans and vegetarians. Pasta Nostra is located in Valeria Del Mar.

Via Vittoria

$$$$ Avenida Divisadero 1460, B7169BJO, Cariló
Italian International Premium Casual
Since 1993, Via Vittoria represents the "Italian regional cuisine" where color, taste and scent are combined together. Quality and excellence was a priority from the beginning for the Peinado family, continued by Dimitri Dimou, thus reaching a perfect place to have a pleasant evening. Via Vittoria restaurant is located in Cariló.

Parrilla La Pulpería

$$$$ Av Divisadero 1490, B7167, Cariló
International Premium Casual
We are Parrilla La Pulpería, a prominent restaurant in the city of Cariló, we have a large team of professionals in charge of delivering the best-personalized attention. In addition, we have perfectly provided skills for the comfort of all our clients.
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